Hi, I’m Tamás

Photo of Tamas Kooning Lansbergen

my photography is an ongoing process, just like life...

I work and live on the White Island as a professional wedding photographer, in love with my profession and the beauty of the island. I think you made an excellent choice to have your wedding here; Ibiza is a very special place with a free spirit feel that’s hard to capture in words.

From my background in fine art, stone sculpting and oil painting, I developed my approach to photography, in which composition, colour and the use of natural light have a special place.

I'm a very down to earth and fun guy, always on the go. Ibiza is my home and the stunning natural light is my best friend. When I am not shooting love stories I am probably on the beach with my dogs, or photographing the stunning Ibiza landscapes.

Compliments I get from my clients often focus on the balance I find between the special Ibiza light and the emotions of people on the day itself. Many describe me and my work as unique, creative, dedicated, fun and timeless.

My style of photography: There are so many different styles of wedding photography. If you’re Googling around, you might see terms like “photojournalism” and “fine art” and “candid” and wonder what it all means.

Generally speaking, fine-art photography might feel more “dreamy, and occasionally has staged moments. Candid and photojournalistic style photography might appear to be a more “fly on the wall go with the flow "style of capture.

I would describe my style as something of a bridge between them all. I don’t interrupt the flow of the day, know how to make the best of all situations, and when needed give gentle guidance.

So, if you like what you see, shoot me a message to check my availability

My photo gear...

since 2010, the year I won the prestigious Nikon Award with my portraits, I always stayed with Nikon—even when, a few years later, I won the Canon Award. Nikon is my way to go, in combination with my DJI Drone Phantom 4 Pro to get the moments I can't with my handheld camera.