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One thing was immediately clear to Dieter and Lindsay from Belgium: they wanted to get married in Ibiza and so they did ! From the first contact I had with them I felt the Ibiza vibes. A radiant couple with love for the island and each other. This special wedding with their story and photos was published in the Xplore Ibiza Magazine edition August 2022.

The marriage proposal in itself was already a fairy tale, with the icing on the cake being the 'yes' this summer in Ibiza. As a result, the brand-new bride and groom, Lindsay and Dieter, are still on a very big pink cloud. "All the pieces of the puzzle were there to make it a perfect day. A day full of emotions, love, magic and surprises, or in short, a day never to be forgotten."

There was also no doubt that they wanted to organise their wedding themselves. Dieter and Lindsay both work in the events sector, so this task was right up their alley. So they went back and forth to Ibiza several times to arrange everything. The first time with the goal of finding the perfect location and having the first personal meeting with me after many email exchanges.

photo from getting maried in ibiza 2023 with wedding table
phot from getting maried in ibiza 2023 with dog
photo from getting maried in ibiza 2023 with groom and best men

The main requirement for this wedding venue was that all parts of the day could take place there, that is, the ceremony as well as the food and the party. Getting married at a villa is always very relaxed. Everyone, especially the children, can fully enjoy themselves without having to travel.

I also really appreciated that Lindsay and Dieter wanted to do a wedding shoot at their most favourite spot Cala d´Hort. We did this shoot a few days after their wedding day so they could fully enjoy the wedding day with their guests.

This wedding day was a succession of magical moments; the vows, beautiful emotional speeches by family and friends, the bridesmaids' children who brought the rings together with their dogs, Dieter who also played Wonderwall on his guitar for Lindsay on this day, the artwork that served as a guest book, the people, the food and the dancing under the starry sky.

In hindsight, therefore, there is nothing they would have wanted to change and they can definitely recommend: " get married in Ibiza, experience the positive vibe and feel magical and happy".

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