living in a treehouse

A Grown-up version of a chilhood dream

Living in a treehouse...who didn't dream of having one when they were a kid ?

little dog in basket

When I was commissioned by Xplore Ibiza Magazine to photograph this project I couldn't have thought about something so beautiful and sweet. I felt like a little boy again while photographing.

Marcel Tamminga proves that such a tiny hut between the branches´doesn´t have to be limited to childhood dreams. On Ibiza, he has personally built a magnificent treehouse hidden by green.

Couple on a couch in an ibiza treehouse
pebbles on a table
tree growing through a roof
cowboy hat on swing
couple on the balcony of a treehouse

Indeed hidden, it took me some time, different Google map routes, and a few phone calls to find this gorgeous tiny house, where Marcel stood outside to greet me. I was in total awe stepping out of my car, I parked next to a fully wooden Mercedes Benz.

detail of a treehouse
bedroom in a treeouse
stairs in a treehouse
interior of a treehouse

This little hut gradually grew into a real house among the branches. Ultimately you will find everything you need to in to live in 45 square meters. It is small but very practical. .

The trunks grow through the house. It's designed so that the trunks have leeway to move with the wind without the house itself moving.

While photographing...It felt very special. I'd certainly like to live like that myself, surrounded by the sound of rustling leaves in the treetops, the wonderful scent of wood, the free and adventurous feeling and the connection with nature.