Ibiza Family Photoshoot

One of the great things about living in Ibiza, I do my work outdoors, all year around. I have two dogs and because of this, I often find new beautiful places for a photoshoot. Therefore I also know the best time of day to do a photoshoot at this spot. Because the light is beautiful for taking photos or because at certain times this place is not crowded (especially in the summer months this is very handy to know). It is always great fun to take people around the island . They get to see parts of the island they have never been before and this makes them super excited. This energy gives a photoshoot a great experience and great photos.

Here are a few photos from the photo shoot I did with Irina and Fabio and their two children near Punta Galera. A family from Switzerland who also wanted a few shots with a sunset as background. We had a lot of fun during this shoot and we got some beautiful photos.