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On your wedding day, why settle for stiff posing and photo-taking when you can fully immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy it? My approach is all about keeping it real and capturing the genuine, candid moments that truly reflect who you are. And don't worry, we'll still make sure to get those classic group shots and special memories with loved ones, but we'll do it in a way that's natural, fun and in sync with the vibe of the day so everyone's smiling and having a great time.

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On your big day, if you can, take a moment to sneak away with your partner before the sun goes down. Trust me, it's the perfect time for some super chill, beautiful shots. The warm sunset light is perfect and you'll get a chance to catch your breath and have a moment to remember. Plus, I know all the best spots on the island for a killer background, I've been living here for years.

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By entrusting me with your wedding photography, you can be certain that I will provide you with a visually striking and emotionally evocative narrative of your special day. My approach is to capture candid and natural moments, in harmony with how the day unfolds. By unobtrusively following you, your family, and friends, I will be able to create different storylines that are comprehensive, detailed and truly reflective of your unique wedding day. Additionally, my ability to easily blend in with your guests and adapt to the flow of the event ensures that the final product will be a true representation of the emotions and experiences of your special day.

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...making killer wedding photos isn't just about me and what I like, it's also about what you want for your big day. I'm all about working together with you to make sure we're on the same page. Before the big day, we'll stay in touch by mail, Whatsapp or phone to make sure we're all good.

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Your wedding photos will be one-of-a-kind thanks to my personal touch. I'll mix in some black and white shots for added style. My editing approach is tailored to each wedding, taking into account factors like the day's lighting, what everyone's wearing, and the overall aesthetic. I'll create a custom color palette that perfectly captures the feel of your special day. And since no two weddings are the same, I won't rely on generic filters - the light in Ibiza is too beautiful for that. If this sounds like what you're looking for, hit me up!

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If you want to remember all the sights, sounds, and emotions of your wedding day, having a videographer is a great idea. They'll make a beautiful video that you'll love watching over and over. Plus, it's the perfect complement to my timeless wedding photos. Just something to think about!

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I know every couple and person is unique and has their own ideas for their photos. Let's talk about creating a custom package that fits your needs and special event, especially for those multi-day weddings. I'm down for whatever you need.

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Seattle, USA


19 dec, 2021

Callye & Ignacio

Tamas is wonderful! We could not recommend him more. He was incredibly kind, responsive and adaptable to several changes on what was already a very last minute wedding. He took extremely thoughtful and fun pictures of our wedding day that we will cherish for many many years to come. Tamas is very personable and knows how to make you feel at ease amidst all of the stress of a wedding. Tamas also touched up photos for my family to remove a bandage on my father's head due to having a procedure performed only a couple of weeks before our wedding. Thank you Tamas!! We appreciate your kindness and wonderful photography work!